Spirit Release Therapy


What is Spirit Release Therapy?

Spirit Release is as old as history itself and still a normal part of shamanic healing in indigenous tribes across the world. Once we realize we do live in an multi-dimensional world we suddenly have access to a whole new realm of healing which modern pharmaceutical  'medicine' simply can't compete with. Spirit release is becoming more and more accepted as a modern therapy as modern 'medical' practices are seen to fail dismally.

Many people are starting to realize that there is more to this world than appears to our normal senses. In fact there is a whole hidden world in the lower 4th dimension where it's inhabitants don't have our best interests at heart - in fact they feed off our energy just like parasites. Not just any energy but the energy of fear, anger, grief, guilt, shame etc. is what they like, and they manipulate humans and things in order to get it. We are connected to the Light and the power of God and they are not, so they rely on being able to pervert our Light/positive emotions into Dark/negative emotions so that they can feed. Their worst fear is that we realize who we really are; that we are masters of both our emotions and them, and remove them from this Earth completely .

Sometimes these creatures can be seen to take over people completely as in possessions and psychopaths. Sometimes they are simply attached and causing problems, or operating as implants that trigger certain emotions and sometimes they have been responsible for abductions.

In the past all cultures and tribes were well aware of these predators and the war between good and evil. In modern cultures, the dark ones most cunning coup was persuading people they did not exist. I mean how can you protect yourself from something or rid yourself of something if you don't know it exists?

If you think you may be the victim of psychic attack, energy vampirism,  spirit attachment by a discarnate or a demonic entity, implants, alien abduction or simply can't understand why bad things keep happening in your life, feel thwarted at every turn, are far from expressing your true potential or suffer from some chronic illness that has no logical explanation, you have come to the right place. Spirit or chord attachment or abduction trauma can happen to a person of any class, race, religion or culture; from children to old people, priests to drug addicts, soldiers to bricklayers. Once resolved life and health always changes for the better.

Using Spirit Release hypnotherapy I can lead you within your mind and energy body and help you become free of of these things so that you can regain your health and well-being. This work does not depend on your beliefs. In fact you could think all of this is fantasy. The process works just the same if you think of it as simply a paradigm by which the mind can deal with its negative aspects as if you think it's real.

How can Spirit Release help me?

Night terrors
Chronic pain
Lack of energy
Suicidal thoughts
Headaches & Migraines
Chronic, inexplicable illness
Joint Pain, Arthritis
​Anger issues
​All kinds of 'mental' illness


Gender confusion

Relationship issues

"There is no price that I can place upon your helping me, Helen, to remove from me several negative, non-physical entities or attachments that had penetrated my aura and made my life miserable, in view of my failure to protect myself when engaged in spiritual channeling and communication."  John - New York

Different kinds of entities

In the case of entities, they can be of three main kinds. The first are 'discarnate' - meaning dead humans who have not returned to the light and have attached to our energy field. Sometimes they are people who were known to us, sometimes they are not. They could be the result of a simply being present at the time of a fatal accident or they could be uncle George who is lost and confused. Even in the case of a dear  loved one the effect at the very least will be a depletion of your vital energy. They also need to be released to continue their spiritual journey. They will be healed of what kept them stuck in the first place and assisted in 'going home'.

The second kind are negative energies which appear to made from the human psyche but have a limited consciousness of their own. They can be things like 'craving', 'greed', 'fear', 'sadness', 'disappointment' etc. that have some kind of symbolic form - sometimes appearing like a two dimensional person or the victim themselves. 

The third kind of entity is a dark entity or demonic inter-dimensional being who was never human and whose purpose is to create hell on Earth. They can be Dracos, Reptilians, Insectoids, Grays, classic looking demons with horns and red eyes, wolves, bears, vermin, shaddow men, witches, hags, incubus, sucubus, octopus, and jelly fish etc. as well as beautiful blond, blue eyed Luciferian beings  etc. They can exist in someone's energetic field or literally enter inside and possess someone - taking over completely for periods of time. They feed off the energy of fear and other negative emotions. They can cause havoc to someone's life and health and I believe they are behind most suicides. They can be transferred simply through family ties, by being attracted to a negative energy that suits them, through the use of excessive alcohol, certain drugs pharmaceuticals that lower a person's natural protection as well as through physical, sexual and of course Satanic ritual abuse.

It is dark entities that are responsible for night terrors. They generate intense fear in order to feed off that energy. Once the entities are gone, the night terrors cease immediately. The worst thing anyone can do is take medication for the problem as it only makes it easier for the entities. In fact I've noticed many medications seem to literally allowing entities in! Hence users of psychotropic pharmaceuticals suffering from extremes of what they were taking the drugs for in the first place.

There are also implants or programs that can look like anything from a metal, mechanical or electronic object, a blob of energy, a suit of armor,  a heavy cape, a helmet, chains, locks, walls, rocks, heavy weights, fog, gas, liquid etc. All designed to keep us back from our true potential. These too can all be removed using Spirit Release. 

Psychopaths and their victims

Psychopaths, otherwise known as sociopaths or narcissists (people unable to feel love, compassion, empathy or guilt) work hand in glove with an entity, usually of the highly sexual, seductive kind of dark entity who addict their victims, weaken them, and feed off them over long periods of time. 

These entities are usually Reptilians, Insectoids or the tall blonds with Luciferian energy. I've not heard of a psychopath who chose to break away from their controller as they are often so damaged and feel the need for the energy and the ego boosting they share with the entity but I believe it can happen. Some appear born like it and others are made like it through horrific abuse, and in total they account for 12% of the population.  The ones born like it appear to be more like a meat suit for an entity and do not contain a human soul at all.

I work with someone who needs healing from their effects at least once a week - such is the extent of this phenomenon. Victims have usually been a victim of abuse by someone carrying a dark entity. A victim has nearly always picked up entities of their own and is addicted and psychically corded to the psychopath and the 'creature' within. All things can be removed and the damage repaired. 

A Spirit Release session

A Spirit Release session can take place face to face here in Andalucia, Spain, on Skype or by telephone. We can also work remotely on a third party as long as their higher self is in agreement and they actively want help. Each session usually lasts from  90 minutes to two hours. The price is $100 for a session. Although I am intuitive, I am not psychic, and the process involves me leading you into your inner mind where all these things can be seen.

After the session you will probably feel as if a weight or burden has been lifted, and experience lightness, wholeness or a sense of completion, either immediately or progressively over a period of time. For many the experience is life changing.

Spirit release can be carried out face to face or on-line from anywhere in the world. I speak English and French. You can be living in Europe, the UK,  the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, S Africa or wherever - it makes no difference as long as we can communicate.

I am so glad you found me. Not only can you be released from this negative energy but the entity it's self can be returned to the Light. Unlike most priests and pastors doing this work I am not releasing them so they can just come back later or do harm to others I am actively removing them permanently. In so doing we are raising the vibration of both  the planet and the Universe. 

Cord cutting

Cords are the energetic attachments between people, living or dead. They often link entities or thought forms to  a person and need to be cut. 

Psychic cords allow the stealing of energy and bear no relation to what people would think of as love. Even in the best case scenario when energy flows both ways they still represent 'conditional' love because the people are bound to each other.

Cords, whether attached consciously or unconsciously can be responsible for depleted energy, sickness and negative emotions.

If you have been the victim of a psychopathic relationship, whether a parent, friend, co-worker, lover or spouse it is very important to cut the chords. If you don't that person still keeps a certain control over you and is capable of feeding off your energy regardless of how many thousands of miles you may live apart. When people say things like "they have their claws into her' or "I need you" it is usually literally true.

When babies are born it is vital that the mother bonds to the child but as the child grows up these chords must be dissolved. If they are not it can inhibit the development of the person.

Cords are usually attached to one or more of the 7 chakras or to hands, feet or tied around the wrist, waist or neck. They can sometimes have rooting systems that go deep into the body and cause damage in a myriad of ways.

When in a light trance it is fairly easy to 'see' or feel these cords and to cut remove and destroy them.

The work of psychic cord cutting can be done on the phone, using Skype or Google Talk as well as face to face. As you have your eyes closed most of the time, in a trance, it makes no difference where you are in the world, we can still work together.

I charge $150 for a Spirit Release session which can last up to 2 hours.



"Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour"  Peter 5:8

Be courageous: dark entities feed of negative emotions - particularly fear. Without fear they have no power whatsoever.

Attached entities can be more or less benign but still be stealing your energy and transferring emotions and illness that is not yours. They can also be dark energy beings who have intent to cause harm. However, in both cases all human beings, by being connected to the Christ Consciousness have the authority and power to either free them or have them removed permanently using spirit release. Once the entities are gone, so is the anxiety, depression, anger or physical sickness that was caused by it.

Stay Clean: many street drugs like bath salts, crack, meth, as well as alcohol and medically prescribed pharmaceutical drugs can open you up to demonic attack. The girl in the video describes being in her own personal hell, while suicides and violent attacks are forever on the increase as more people are prescribed anti-psychotic drugs.

Excess alcohol also lowers your defenses to discarnate entities that wish to carry on drinking as well as to dark entities that want to cause chaos, misery and pain. They don't call alcohol spirits for nothing!

Keep a clean house, throw away garbage and unused clutter. Entities love, dark, dirty places. Open windows, let in the light, sage your rooms, have a shower after being with a lot of people.

Protect yourself: surround yourself in a bubble of white light. Michelle Whitedove, famous psychic, offers this excellent protection:


Ask for divine intervention. God, and angelic beings will rarely intervene unless asked.. Call on the name of Jesus Christ. Ask for protection from Archangel Michael.

Seek help: but be wary of churches offering public exorcisms - they are often the source of entity attachment. They get them out but let them go, allowing the infection to move to someone new - providing more clients for the minister... Use discernment when deciding who to work with. Be wary of False Light. If you have a sense of ego in the person it would be advisable to steer away.

Be wary of channeling: for more on this go here - Article

"And He went into their synagogues throughout all Galilee, preaching and casting out the demons" Mark 1:39

My Body is a Battleground

My body is a battleground
Upon which I have been led
Darkness from behind 
Even into my head
All that's left is the lights veneer
Facing the sun
Holding on so dear
Raging darkness scars the face
Living in lies to leave no trace
'Crept for a mirror broken
Unable to be spoken
Spiteful and might 
Light and dark surround my flight
Now comes a new reflection 
Light turned open no more in flight
Darkness shrivels as the light goes deep
Slowly rendering that which did weep
Into a joyful canyon of loves release
Pure as if clear,transparent and dear
I watch the end of this battle pure
now graced 
With robes of white silk,that heal my wounds
Cover my scars,in warm cocoon 
Purely white, purely light
Transformed without time
Into what is right

​                                   John Rasanen

This is a MUST READ article on dark forces and how they interact with us http://humansarefree.com/2018/07/negative-forces-seem-to-respect-freewill.html

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