Erectile Dysfunction (ED)


Curing ED with hypnosis

As much as the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that it's purely a physical issue that a pill can fix, of course it's not true in many cases.

For some men may be related to depression or another psychological cause, such as widower syndrome - where there is guilt attached to the sexual act with another or even a feeling that the departed wife may be 'watching'. Sometimes a divorce can trigger the same guilt or shame.

Certain other negative feelings can also interfere with normal sexual function, including feeling nervous about or self-conscious about sex; feeling stressed either at home or at work; or feeling troubled in your current relationship.Low self esteem, depression or apathy can also be at cause of ED, as well as childhood sexual or psychological abuse.

Just one episode of failure or humiliation, regardless of cause, may propagate further psychological distress leading to further erectile failure. If you think there will be a problem, there will be. The mind is always right.

Whatever it may be, all these triggers can be released so that normal function can be resumed. Rather than focusing on the erection itself the guilt, shame, anxiety, worry, sadness, unworthiness etc. that is causing the ED can be released using hypnosis. Past failures or even horrific trauma and abuse can be neutralized into simply stories from the past with no emotional attachment whatsoever. New triggers can even be created if necessary increasing blood flow to the erection.

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