Radio interviews with Helen Basinger


What got me into hypnosis?

Listen to me talking about how I came to do the kind of hypnotherapy I do today here:

It starts a few minutes after the into music so you can jump it forward on the sound bar.

How to let go of anger and resentment

Another bogtalk radio interview talking about how to release anger using Emotional Alchemy... and the power of forgiveness:

Quitting smoking

Talking about why cigarettes are so hard to quit.. and how I help people do it using hypnosis and my own transformative technique called Emotional Alchemy:

Releasing sadness and cutting cords

Talking about how we can use our imagination to heal ourselves physically and emotionally. Includes a mini session with a caller on line who was angry, sad and dealing with a sociopath brother. Cutting the cords with him. Talking on Journey into the Light Blog Talk Radio. It starts after a few minutes of intro music which you can jump past with the blue box at the top the screen:

Letting go of grief and depression

Talking about the various causes of depression and how to break free from it. Discussion about the effects and dangers of taking pharmaceutical drugs for depression. Working with a lady call-in who was weighed down with a sadness she could not shift.