Past Life Regression



Most people are born with no conscious memory of past lives (although it seems that more and more children are being born with past life memories in tact). In the case of trauma though, particularly at the point of death, the emotional energy can be brought into this life and needs to be addressed and healed. Without healing it can cause unexplained fears or sadness, it can interfere with relationships and create unnecessary repeating patterns of behavior and outcomes.

Past life regression therapy often explains the inexplicable. For instance someone who has a terror of the sea or drowning despite never having even visited the ocean. Using hypnosis or trance work one can learn the person drowned in a shipwreck.  Finding you were forced to leave your family to fend for themselves when you died in battle can leave a feeling of guilt in this life.

Once a past life trauma has been seen it can be understood. The bigger picture can be appreciated, people or self can be forgiven and the emotion that as holding that person back is released completely. Often just seeing the past life is enough to release the energetic frequency from us in the so called here and now.

Experiencing past lives and even in-between lives has the added advantage of dispelling fear of dying. 


"What an extraordinary experience that was! I was amazed at the clarity of what I saw and how different each life was. Yet there was that common theme of being outcast and rejected. Maybe I don't have to do that any more now I understand it was me creating it! "  Beth (NY) 

"Seeing myself dying and yet not dying - leaving my body and it being ok has really changed the way I feel about my own mortality. Thank you!"  PJ (UK)