Quit smoking with hypnotherapy


It's time to stop smoking

You know it. You've know for a long time. You may have tried and failed. You may have tried to fool yourself that e-cigarettes counted as quitting but you know that's not true. 

Actually breaking free of nicotine addiction is easier said than done however. The cigarette companies have made sure of that. They now add almost 600 chemicals to tobacco as well as many to e-cigarettes (most e-cigarette companies are owned by the tobacco industry of course) - to keep you handing over your money every day; slowly destroying your health as you do so. Nicotine is very addictive on its own but when you add sugar it makes it 4x more addictive. When you add ammonia (which they do of course) it becomes volatile. Just like crack.

Emotionally it's not easy

 The effect of nicotine wearing off makes you feel anxious so you have to have another to calm down. It's the ingenious "rat in a wheel" trick where one cigarette sets you up for needing the next. On top of this though, our own emotional issues, play a big role in keeping us stuck. Any past trauma, grief, fear, shame etc. can be suppressed by smoking, making it really hard to stop until those issues are resolved.

Add to this, the daily stress of work, relationships, money issues and health worries and it's obvious why so many people struggle with quitting.

Help is at hand

After 8 years of helping hundreds of people quit smoking I've developed a very effective two step approach that can get you quit.

The first 90 minute session by phone or online deals with releasing all the emotional reasons to smoke (the frustration, anxiety, fear, grief, guilt, shame etc) as well as the craving itself. I also use positive visualizations to assist in the process of letting the addiction go.

The second session, one or two days later, is to deal with any residual emotional stuff, any remaining craving or desire, and to reinforce the new non-smoking happy you.

How much does it cost?

Normally I would charge $275 for two sessions but I offer a $225  deal for both sessions as I really want you to quit!

There are no guarantees in this kind of work. However, I, as many of my clients will tell you, I have a very high success rate and as with all my clients, should you not be satisfied with the work we do together I will refund your money immediately

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