Transformational Hypnosis with a certified master clinical hypnotherapist

Transformational Hypnosis with a certified master clinical hypnotherapist

Transformational Hypnosis with a certified master clinical hypnotherapistTransformational Hypnosis with a certified master clinical hypnotherapistTransformational Hypnosis with a certified master clinical hypnotherapist

Feel better, uncover your true potential, be happy and most of all... be free!

Helen Basinger - Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

Helen Basinger, Hypnotherapist, quit smoking, lose weight, help with anxiety, depression, ptsd

My Mission: To bring more Light, health and joy to humanity and the planet by transmuting addictions, negative emotions, blocks, beliefs, energies and entities; using guided trance, transformational hypnosis, regression, past life regression, spiritual healing, life coaching and EFT .


If you are reading this right now, then I am probably who you need at this point in your life. The Universe has a wonderful way and bringing the right people to you when you ask.

If you smoke and need to quit, if you are addicted to sugar, fast food or alcohol, drugs or pharmaceuticals I can help you get rid of the painful emotions you are attempting to suppress, as well as get rid of the craving itself.

If you are struggling to get out of depression, PTSD, constant anxiety or stress I can help you.

If you have lost your self confidence or self esteem following a toxic relationship or loss of a job I can make you feel strong again.

If you feel stuck, I can unstick you. If you feel sad I can bring back your smile. If you feel you are being influenced by a negative entity I can remove it.

When I say I can do these things, all I am actually doing is guiding you through hypnosis to be able to do it yourself through your own amazing mind. I am intuitive, I have a good understanding of psychology, I can easily lead people into a state of trance, but most importantly I know that we are all aspects of the Creator and have the ability to heal ourselves.

Why work with me

 As we go  through life we can collect negative beliefs, emotions and energies that  block that loving, joyful, peaceful self that is naturally within. We  get hurt and we get angry, or we get sad, guilty and afraid. We take on  family or cultural 'stuff'. It's like blobs of mud get stuck to our  pristine selves. As our vibration goes down we start to attract more  events, people and circumstances into our life of that same negative  frequency. 

But  it does not have to be that way. It is possible to completely release  this negative energy using hypnotherapy - and return to the natural,  creative, motivated, bright shining divine being that we are. 

Although  my certification as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist  implies I  hypnotize people, a more accurate way to describe what I do is to de-hypnotize people - waking people up from old programming - helping people release negative emotions,  beliefs and attachments so that they can be free.  

I  use Emotional Alchemy™, hypnosis and EFT to lift depression, end anxiety, help  people quit smoking, lose weight, end phobias, release grief or  guilt etc as well as  remove blocks to success, end self sabotage, drug  and alcohol addiction, destructive relationships, self harm, cutting and  suicidal thoughts - and in so doing change the course of adults and  children's lives.

If you would like to find out more about how I could help you improve your life and health through hypnosis, please feel free to give me a call.

To listen to me talking about Emotional Alchemy click here

Be your best self

Lose weight

Quit smoking

Break free from depression

Feel calm and at peace - free from stress and anxiety

Release past trauma and PTSD

Feel lighter and in better health as you release dark or 'discarnate' entities

Remove the emotional blocks to setting intention, taking action and enjoying the fruits of your labors

Cut the ties to people who are sapping your energy

Resolve erectile disfunction (ED)

End the punishment cycle caused by shame or guilt  

End phobias of flying, driving, heights, dogs, cats, bugs, birds, water, elevators etc. forever 

Have a clearer understanding of why you are here and your purpose         

Sleep better and put an end to nightmares and night terrors

Let go of grief caused by the loss of a loved one

Extinguish your anger and release the hurt behind it

Fnd a solution to chronic pain or illness

Stop repeating the same negative relationship patterns

Experience past lives and end your fear of death

Attract more money and abundance

Emotional Alchemy™

Me talking about what I do

I can help


Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Depression, fear, and anxiety don't just feel horrible but they block our motivation, inhibit our ability to think straight and prevent us from moving forward. Using a trance/visualization technique that I call Emotional Alchemy™, all these negative feelings can be let go; releasing feelings of peace, inspiration and even joy.



Trauma & PTSD

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Past trauma and the associated PTSD symptoms of nighmares, anxiety, depression, grief, feelings of guilt or worthlessness can also be completely released using trance and hypnotic techniques as well as EFT (Tapping). The 'story' of what happened to you becomes just that; a story with no. emotional attachment. Triggers that once sent you into a downward spiral no longer effect you




Depression & Anxiety


There is nearly always an emotional pain or trauma behind an addiction, so the first thing to be addressed is healing these wounds. Then the craving itself can be released using the same Emotional Alchemy™ technique. Emotions, like all things are energy and the mind has the ability to transmute these energetic frequencies into higher, positive emotions that have no need of being anethsetized. 

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Please contact me with questions and to set up a time for a session with me.

I charge $150 for a first session (can last up to 2 hours) and $120 for a session after that (up to 90 mins). I offer 5 sessions for $500 paid in advance, with a really special deal of $200 for two sessions to quit smoking.

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