12 week Transformation Program with personalized mp3


Be the best you that you can be

Spring clean yourself: mind, body and soul, and really live the life you were meant to live. Transform your health, your relationships, your finances and your sense of well-being. Have those closest to you see an amazing positive change in you as your limiting emotions and beliefs get stripped away, and you glow with positive, calm, creative, energy.

Do you wonder sometimes if something is holding you back? Do you go to all kinds of effort to be healthy, abundant, happy in your work and in your relationships, but somehow it doesn’t work out as you want it to? Do you feel a bit stuck?

Are you starting to suspect that the thing holding you back might be yourself?
If so, you are one of the lucky people who are breaking away from old programming that would have us believe that outside circumstances and people are to blame for our problems.

The military industrial complex and their respective governments would have us believe that war is a way to bring peace on earth. The pharmaceutical and the “so called” medical industry work hard to perpetuate the myth that the body is simply a machine to be beaten, nuked and poisoned into submission and that bacteria and virus are out to get us. Media propaganda would have us blame Muslims, black people, white people, poor people, the Chinese, the Russians, our genes, an imbalance of chemicals in our body, rather than have us look within ourselves.

More and more people are waking up and realizing that these ideas are erroneous. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, creating our world minute to minute through our words and feelings - and there is a lot more to life than making money at the expense of life itself.

Understanding how negativity effects us

People are also starting to understand the mind-body connection and the fact that negative emotions and beliefs are often at the root cause of disease. For instance anxiety causes cortisol levels to rise which causes all kinds of inflammation as well as insomnia. Anger can cause liver problems or injury. Deep hurt and resentment can cause cancer, and sorrow can cause heart problems. Once the anxiety, anger or sadness is resolved however, the physical body is finally able to heal itself.

This also means that even if we seem physically healthy today, there is often work to do to ensure a healthy and happy future. Our stored and often forgotten negative emotions are a ticking time bomb for sickness further down the road

We may be consciously aware of much of the trauma in our lives (like the death of loved ones, sexual abuse, ending of relationships etc.) but often we carry deep emotions from early childhood for which we have no verbal memory.  These wounds are often caused by betrayal, shame and abandonment. They can be caused by a mother not really wanting the child in her belly, circumcision of a boy baby, being left in a room alone, not being loved by a parent or parents, as well as more serious abuse and punishment. 

We end up with a background feeling of stress, sadness or anger which seems to have no reason to be there.

Often we don’t want to even look in the direction of this repressed pain because it feels like once breached, a sea of emotion will overwhelm us. Strangely, it doesn’t though, especially if we use Emotional Alchemy™ to release it.

Releasing it all

In a matter of an hour or two, what seemed impossible to change can be released completely. Once the trapped emotion is gone we can finally be free. Simply ignoring it and keeping is stuffed down does not mean it’s not there. Sadly it still beams out its frequency into the Universe, attracting more of the same, which then adversely affects every area of your life. It’s why we often end up caught in a loop of repeated experiences or illness.

The same applies to unhelpful beliefs. If unconsciously we believe we don’t deserve success or to be loved it’s highly unlikely we will find success or love. If we believe “money is the root of all evil” or “rich people are mean and uncaring”, we are unlikely to create wealth in our lives. These beliefs are simply energy and can be released, just like negative emotions, and replaced with something positive that will attract what it is we actually desire. 

The program

 With this in mind I’ve put together a program of twelve 90 minute sessions which I believe will have a huge positive effect on your body, mind and spirit. 

The plan will be different for everyone but will cover the following areas and more. In the case of powerful addictions this will be given priority as you will never be free until the addiction is gone.

The fist session will be to get to know each other, understand the patterns of your life and establish what you want to achieve in the next 3 months. The next five are designed to release your main areas of trapped negative emotion as fully as possible. A kind of emotional spring cleaning if you like:

shame and humiliation, failure, fear of failure and perfectionism

guilt and betrayal, self-blame and carrying the guilt of others

sadness and abandonment, grief, disappointment, loss and loneliness

anxiety and fear, stress, phobias, terror and fear of death

anger and non-forgiveness, rage and frustration

Obviously each person holds on to these emotions to a greater or lesser extent and your sessions may focus more on some than others. If physical issues or pain are already manifesting we can work on that directly, as well as the emotional root cause.

The next four will release negative beliefs, energies and any entities:

transforming limiting beliefs about health and age

transforming limiting beliefs about relationships

transforming limiting beliefs about money and success

removing any remaining attachments and entities

past life regression

Now that your vibration is positive, the last session will set goals and intentions in order to create the you,and the future you want:

setting goals, intentions and mantras

Each session will consist of hypnosis of various kinds to heal both the hurt inner child and the adult within you. Sometimes we come into this life carrying trauma from past lives so where appropriate we may also work with past life regression. Often just seeing the trauma in a past life is enough to heal it. In trance I will also help you remove any negative energies or entities that may have attached to your energy field.

Change your life for the better

If you have worked with me before you will already have ventured into some of these areas and be experiencing the positive difference it can make to your life.

I’ve put this program together because I feel that many people come to me as a last resort when they really don’t know what else to do. Now, this is a good thing of course and I’m always glad to help but I’d like to have an even more positive and powerful impact on your life.

In the last few years  I’ve worked with about a dozen clients in the close and broader way that I am proposing to you now - and I see such transformation in them that it blows even my mind! 


 “The outcomes of all of these initiatives in just a few short weeks is that I'm physically stronger, my posture and pain has a marked difference, I have a spring to my step, and I've lost weight!”

“I can honestly say that a few sessions with Helen are the equivalent to years of counseling & group therapy”.

“Dear Helen I can't thank you enough for the difference you have made in my life. You do amazing things. I feel so calm in my life and I know now I can handle anything”.

If you are ready to clean up your past, release that pile of negative emotions and beliefs that you have collected over the years and replace them with positive emotions like love, optimism and peace then this program is for you.

The cost

$1,500 for the 12 weekly sessions, which can be on Skype or Zoom. As the sessions progress I will teach you how to:

release negative emotions that may come up in the future

experience yourself operating on all cylinders and be able to create an energetic protection for your field

really be who you truly are, once all the old limiting baggage and beliefs are stripped away

formulate a proper set of goals and intentions and experience the positive emotion to match them.

This is your chance. 

My promise to you

I promise you that after the 12 weeks you will feel happier, calmer and lighter. The world around you will already be changing for the better as new opportunities and people are attracted by your positive energy and focused intention. People will sense a change in you and you will even look different. I encourage all participants to take a “before” and “after” photo so you can see what I mean!

I am confident this will help you. I’d like you to try it. If you feel after our first session that the program is not going to make a real, lasting positive impact in your life, I will happily give you a full refund with no questions asked.

If you are interested in being the best you that you can be please give me a call on 305 432 5121 or email me at helenhypnotist@gmail.com

A gift for you - I am also going to include a powerful hypnosis CD or mp3 using binaural beats and subliminal messaging, which I will make just for you – full of positive affirmations based on your own objectives – because I know from personal experience what a difference this can make. Just as we have been programmed negatively, we can program ourselves positively to achieve the outcome we want. This alone would normally cost $200

So that’s it - 12 private weekly sessions with me on Skype (at a time that suits you) and your own personal hypnosis recording for $1500 – along with my no-questions-asked money back guarantee. 

Invest in this gift for yourself and transform that darkness that’s holding you back into light. Make this year the most creative, fun, healthiest and happiest, ever.