Emails from clients

 "It's been over 4 weeks now and I'm still smoke free! It's amazing how much more time and energy I have. And what's even cooler is that we did it all through Skype." Mark, USA

"You were that tipping point when I met you, I knew that. It is a huge victory that although I am lost at times I finally have an anchor and know who I am. Never believed I would know, you told me and for some godly reason I heard." John​

"I sought Helen's help to quit smoking; we also addressed the grief I felt following the death of my sister.   I have not had a cigarette since. While it has been only 4 months (which is a huge accomplishment for me.) I feel neither a strong need nor the physical desire to take it up again.  I can't stress enough how long and unsuccessfully I tried on my own.  What Helen did for me was nothing short of miraculous!  Anne, USA

"Thank you very much for everything you have done for my daughter, it has been simply amazing.  Two weeks ago she was in and out of the emergency room with no real answers to her problem.  She had seen two psychiatrists that had loaded her up with medications that were not helping at all.
After one visit with you we could see an immediate change, she was much more relaxed and felt better about herself.   Over the next couple of days the time you spent with her was wonderful, you went above and beyond to make time for her and welcomed her into your home.  The outcome of your work was astounding.  She is confident that she can deal with her anxiety with the techniques you have taught her.
She is now eating again, feels confident about herself and her future.  The past two weeks with you have been fantastic." Ron, USA

"Through EFT Helen has helped me tackle a number of emotional issues that I didn't realize I was carrying in the physical sense. She's worked with me patiently for hours to tap the pain away. The results are amazing.  After my first session with Helen I walked away with no pain and feeling renewed.  Honestly, I still do have episodes of pain and haven't quite tackled coming off my meds yet but that is a goal that I am working toward with help from Helen as a life coach.  We've also begun working on breaking some unhealthy eating habits through hypnosis.  The outcomes of all of these initiatives in just a few short weeks is that I'm physically stronger, my posture and pain has a marked difference, I have a spring to my step, and I've lost weight!! Helen is a care-giver, soul-healer and cheer-leader all in one " 

"Thank you for a great experience, and the follow-up phone call days after. Your voice during our meditation so calming and soothing. I'm so glad I found you, through the last stages of my grieving process. I'm looking forward to our next appointment" Berenice

"In the past year I have had three visits with Helen, and all three, have had successful results. Two of these visits, although two separate issues, were of an emotional nature. With Helen's guidance I was able to free myself form these feelings, and experienced long lasting relief. My third visit with Helen was to finally rid myself of the urge to smoke. Also 100% success with one visit. Helen makes you feel at ease immediately, so your are able to relax, and receive the gentle, yet powerful techniques Helen uses to help you heal. I was amazed and grateful at the results. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone who wants be released from the burden of stuck negative emotions, and or, quit smoking.  Sincerely, a grateful resident of Key West"

"I have been a client of Helen for the past two years. Every encounter is transformational whether individual, group, or engaging in her new and marvelous website meditations. Helen is a wise healer. Additionally she is an eager knowledge-seeker and always has intriguing new approaches to offer. In my opinion her mastery is as orchestra leader: bringing in ancient as well as contemporary approaches to bring the client the music of healing in surround sound. I love to listen."  Clarice, FL, USA

"My experience with hypno-therapy was like nothing I had ever imagined. I was skeptical in the beginning, especially with doing therapy through Skype but I could not believe how successful it was!! Thanks to Helen's amazing techniques, I have been able to remove years and years of blame, shame, and guilt from my body. By removing all of these negative energies from within, I have been able to finally focus on taking care of my body. As a result I find myself finally able to lose weight which has been an enormous hurdle for me! I am so grateful I found Helen and I highly recommend her for anyone struggling to change some aspect of their life! Helen is a true asset!"   Kristin Flores, Key West, FL

"Our session was a special gift to me. From the first minute I felt safe, listened to and understood. Your attitude of ease and confidence created a comfortable context for diving into the process with you. During the visualisation, I experienced instant relief from some heavy emotions. I also remember several moments of bright light entering the space I was in. There was something amazing and uplifting about it. With your assistance, I learned to define the character of the bothersome sensations in my energy field and a simple way of dealing with them. Since our session, I have used the method multiple times, and each time I have experienced a shift. Besides emotional challenges, I practiced with a physical pain, which had been bothering me on and off for some time, and it disappeared after a few repeated releases into the light. It hasn't returned ever since, which is great and quite surprising". Marta, Poland.

"I received a hypnotic session designed to clear a Post Traumatic Stress issue that has been troubling me for decades. 
Traditional talk therapy revealed all the rational understandable reasons for my depression and anxiety. Self-help books and retreats confirmed bad habits and subconscious patterns but nothing seemed to shake the issue from my tissue. If this sounds like you I highly recommend hypnotic therapy.
It's not a guided meditation. A guided meditation is like a walk in the park. A hypnotic session is a like a walk into your personal mental-physical reality. I got in touch with my feelings as tangible energy. Then I used my own personal mind to release the energy emphatically. It's a two-way mind body connection. 
In the first, if you stay too much in your rational, thinking mind - you won't be able to tap into what's really eating you. So under hypnosis I entered the land of sensation. The geography of my emotions. After mapping them out physically I re-entered my rational, thinking mind to consciously release the unpleasant, uncomfortable energies. If you don't do this, you can stay trapped in your own whirlwind of drama, hypnotized by your own psychic physics. Don't do that!
In sum, hypnosis, with a trusted guide, builds a bridge between sensation and analytical thinking. I felt very safe with Helen having tested out a couple of her free hypnotic sessions available on her website. I encourage you to try these first. Not everyone can be hypnotized. But if you, like me, easily are - it doesn't mean you are weak minded, but rather that you are a creative type with a great imagination.
By accident I did one hypnotic session with a different hypnotist, (from a YouTube video that I thought was another Helen video) and that person did not hypnotize me as effectively. So I suppose it is a combination of willing participant and skilled guide. I am a hundred per cent satisfied with my session. I truly hope you experience similar results." Kumari, USA

"I chose Helen from the five professionals offered to me by Thumbtack because she seemed to immediately understand my problem and because she came across as a warm, caring, and friendly person. I have learned so much in my sessions with Helen, and she taught me techniques that transmute many kinds of negative energy into the pure white light of inspiration. In my sessions with Helen she was very empathetic, supportive, and also practical with a plan as to how we should proceed. In a very short time I developed a trust in Helen which only continued to grow. She is innovative, highly intuitive, very creative, and genuinely compassionate, which is everything one could want from a hypnotherapist and energy healer. I unqualifiedley recommend Helen Basinger to anyone seeking help with past or present hurts, challenges, difficulties, as well as to anyone struggling with issues they have not been able to resolve with traditional--such as talk alone--therapies." Astra, USA

"I don't know what you did BUT I have not felt this relaxed in years.  It's like I am a brand new person and I cant thank you enough" Stephanie, USA


"I am feeling incredible relief, a lightness of body and spirit...and woke up smiling this morning. Incredible energy during my morning run along our beautiful beach....Helen, I feel so blessed to have found you. You have deep ad profound intuition, and a gift of moving energy and guiding your subjects toward relief, healing and wholeness. It's a God-given talent--thanks for sharing it with the rest of us."  Chris, Delray Beach

"Helen, I can't thank you enough for helping my daughter. She is still excited and feeling a whole lot lighter. On our way home she had no anxiety about potentially getting into another accident when we crossed intersections."Jacqueline, FL

​"Wanted to say thank you for helping me yesterday. I actually woke up today not feeling sad and that has happen in SO long." Gloria

" Hello  Helen.     I wanted to follow up with you. Last September I had a few sessions  with you to stop smoking.   I have not had a cigarette since.   I did put on a  lot of weight   I started a Keto diet Jan 1.  I have lost 30 pounds so I  am now 119 pounds. I have lost 8.5 inches from my waist and I have  turned my life around. When I realized through you I was in control of  my body and I was able to win this one battle of smoking I felt strong  enough to take control of the rest.   I have never felt better with this  life change.   No sugar is making me feel so healthy   I do not stress  like before and I am so much happier person   I know that this all came  from your sessions with me.  No one has ever wanted to listen to me and  put so much confidence in me that you did   I want to thank you so much  for helping me on this fantastic journey I am on.  I have so much more  confidence in myself and I know I am only putting healthy things in my  body now.  I cannot express how much I appreciate what you did for me.    It is true what you said we can control our bodies.  Thank you again  for listening to me Take care."  Tracy USA